The system of « Law »

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Here are the base lines:

  1. considering that the laws of karma, or the divine law, rule life in the world of duality, we do neither need nor would we want a separate, human system of law. a separate human law system will be super imposed on the divine law rendering it « obsolete ».
    the divine law is only one: « do whatever you want without hurting anybody ». everybody understands this law. as soon as we want to do what we want, or pursue our desires at the expense of others, we cannot do it by the divine law, so we have to create another, false law that « allows » us to satisfy our desires at the expense of others. that is corruption.
  2. in the world of divine law (you are free to do whatever you want and you will always bear the consequences) there is no need of law-making and law-enforcing institutions.
    even in the fake world of human law the agents changed faces in the last 2 generations: when i was a child policemen were there to help old ladies cross the street and to prevent criminals from doing bad things – today this type of police are rare individuals, policemen have become tax collectors laying ambush to « catch » folks « breaking the law »… and when i was young judges were supreme beings completely impeccable and above everything – today they mostly have become also tax collecting agents.
    parrallel to this: in human law there have always been protective laws and punitive laws. in the last 30 years there is a clear proponderance of punitive laws (no victims, just money extortion tricks).
    the small restoration would be to revert to « justness », protective law – this has become increasingly impossible as governements have become executive corporations in the service of the banksters and multi-nationals ;(


  1. Commission des droits de la personne Quebec