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liftHeying founded The Lift. Her nonprofit garage provides steeply discounted car repairs to low-income individuals.The approach is simple: Heying sells parts at cost, with no markup, and charges $15 an hour for labor; the going rate in Minneapolis is around $100 an hour. The result? Big savings for her customers. And for those who can’t pay in full, she will work out payment plans. To date, Heying has provided affordable car repairs to more than 300 low-income individuals, saving them more than $170,000 and keeping them on the road to success.
Maybe a « normal » garage could devote a certain time/day to the same cause?


Qu’est ce qu’un self garage?

Un self garage est un garage en libre-service. Vous pouvez louer des ponts et du matériel, et acheter des pièces détachées (plaquettes, …) ou produits nécessaires pour l’entretien (filtres, huile, …). Le concept des garages où les clients font eux-mêmes les réparations n’est pas nouveau mais il avait disparu jusqu’à récemment. Aujourd’hui plusieurs garages en libre service ont ouverts dans toute la France. Le garage où le client est aussi le mécano, tout en bénéficiant des conseils d’un professionnel.

lyft Lyft is a car-pool biz

matching drivers and passengers by phone app including payment.

Lyft matches drivers with passengers who request rides through our smartphone app, and passengers pay automatically through the app.



Fortune Mother exchange

fortunemotherexchangeOne mother cooks the favourite meal of the other mother’s son; and vice-versa

video here