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Pourquoi acheter, pourquoi s’encombrer, quand on peut partager?

La Remise est une coopérative de solidarité à but non lucratif qui entreposera dès le printemps 2015 des outils d’usage commun (cuisine, menuiserie, artisanat, mécanique, jardinage, électricité, etc.) qui seront mis à la disposition de ses membres sous forme de prêts.

La Remise offrira aussi un espace de travail doté de nombreux outils spécialisés ainsi que la possibilité de suivre des formations ou des ateliers portant sur divers thèmes.  La coopérative sera située dans un local du quartier Villeray, au cœur de Montréal.

Les membres y développeront leurs savoirs faire et leurs habiletés manuelles en plus d’y faire des rencontres intergénérationnelles et interculturelles.

La Remise renforcera les liens sociaux, luttera contre le gaspillage des ressources et créera de la richesse pour la communauté.




First you may want to watch the launching video here or introduction animation here.
Websites: and Blog and facebook
Btw: « Joatu » means « Jack of All Trades Universe »

Then you read the FAQs to learn what Joatu is all about

What is the Jack of all trades Universe?

JoatU is the easiest way to find community. Free events, lots of opportunities to help others, and a marketplace for goods and services that encourages bartering.

What is an individual offer?

JoatU encourages it’s members to list their talents and goods to sell, trade, rent, lend or give away.  For example, I’ll grow you a tomato plant, tutor you, lend you a power-tool for an equitable exchange. This one-on-one exchange is also known as an individual offer. There is second type of exchange named a community offer.

What is a community offer?

A community offer is an offer made by a user or a request made by a community organization. For example, one might offer to plant a community vegetable garden or teach a publicly accessible class. These offers made for the benefit of the community are 100% free to attend and/or benefit from. The person making the offer is paid in Community Action Points which are generated by the community and the JoatU website collaboratively.

What is a Community Action Point?

Community Action Points or ‘Caps’ are credit points that are given out when a user completes a community offer (e.g. Painting a community organization). Caps exist to promote benevolent acts within your community.  Users with credits can trade them to other members of the JoatU community in exchange for services or products.

How are Caps created?

The Jack of all trades Universe is a credit-based system. There is no debt, only credit.

CAPS are created in two separate ways:

– A community organization needs a room painted and a user decides to respond to the request. The user paints the room and when the organization confirms that the request has been fulfilled, a predetermined amount of caps will be placed into the user’s account.

– A user may fill out a community offer form. The user details the offering which is then verified by moderators. After the completion of the offer verified by the moderators (or a trusted user), the predetermined amount of JoatU Units will be placed into the user’s account.

How are the amount of CAPS determined?

In the Alpha version of JoatU, 20 CAPS are generated per hour of service to the community. In the near future, we will be surveying the community allowing everyone to express their views on the needs of their community and to help determine the different hourly rates in Community Action Points given to volunteer workers. An average of the results will determine the different categorical values. Categories may include broad subjects such as ‘education’, ‘health’, or ‘environment’ where users are given a certain amount of points to distribute among the different categories.

Are there other ways to earn caps?

Yes. If someone has already earned caps, you can choose to accept them as a part of a bartered transaction.

Will the creation of more Caps lead to inflation?

Not likely, no.  Here is a full explanation why increased monetary creation does not lead to inflation.

Are Caps anything Like Bitcoin?

Caps hold no resemblance to Bitcoin. The Cap is not cryptographic coin. It is a simple in-game currency that Joatu itself generates. Caps resemble the gold generated in World of Warcraft more than Bitcoin.

Why do we need Caps?

In JoatU, we want to encourage people to involve themselves in their local communities.  We believe this is a good way to do it. JoatU is an online marketplace that benefits your community the more you use it. The caps are tradable and are used both to facilitate online transactions and to fund community-oriented projects — community gardening, free education, initiatives for a cleaner and safer community – the sky’s the limit.

Why should I want to be a part of JoatU?

The transactions you perform on JoatU could be the same ones that you’d be making already. In your everyday life, you would lend a friend a book, or help a family member paint their porch, or hire a singing teacher to give you lessons. JoatU helps bring the entire community together to perform these exchanges more easily, all while creating resources for community projects. The more involved in JoatU you become, the more of a resource you become to your neighborhood, and the more you should feel great about your contribution to the community!

Why should I use caps in my exchanges?

Look at caps like your Air Miles. They aren’t good for everything, but you earn points and get rewarded with certain goods and services in return. With JoatU, these points go towards the betterment of your community (instead of towards buying a toaster). JoatU puts the focus on community-building and creating a sustainable economy that is fair and governed directly by the people who use it.

Do I need to use caps in my exchanges?

It is not mandatory to use caps in your exchanges. However, when using caps, the whole community benefits. A given transaction can be bartered through a combination of caps, goods, services, and old-fashioned money.

Are there other benefits to using caps besides helping the community?

Absolutely! The way the system will be grown to encourage fairer pricing when compared to other means of exchange. You also help improve your own community, and get to participate in free community projects of your choosing. As the community grows, so will the benefits for using caps.

Will businesses accept caps as a currency?

As JoatU develops, local business integration will be critical (and we are already working on ideas on how to get them involved), but in the initial phases there will not be any immediate business integration.

Why would businesses accept JoatU?

Local businesses depend on the support of their neighborhood. This is a way to integrate themselves, prove their value, and gain marketshare all at the same time. Their agreement to accept the social credit in exchange for their goods and services supports others’ community efforts to clean up parks, volunteer at non-profits, plant gardens, offer free classes, etc. This is also a highly effective way for businesses to market themselves as their audience will be incredibly local.

Technical Questions:

How do you prevent fraud?

We prevent fraud by building an open-source infrastructure made and protected by the open-source community. Security features will be integral to JoatU.

If a user does not fulfill their end of the exchange, they will receive a negative review and could be refused JoatU Units. Depending on the severity of the case, further action may be taken against them. The rules of the community will ultimately be determined by the community and may be different in different parts of the world. JoatU will also use an escrow system, protecting the purchaser and allowing him or her the time to confirm that the service had been provided before payment.

How does one-on-one trading work?

One-on-one trading is simple. Simply, you perform a search for the service or product you are seeking out. Find the person you may like to exchange with and send them a message. After a few messages, you can propose a contract (built into the messaging system) and then negotiate. Once confirmed, the time and date are set and the JoatU Units are held in escrow. After the trading has occurred, the buyer must confirm and leave a review to allow the JoatU Units to flow into the other person’s account.

How is this different than other bartering systems?

Here are some notable differences as compared to other bartering/alt-currency systems: There are no basic membership fees. There is no initial amount of caps given to users. The users using JoatU can use it like they might use craigslist, by selling things for money. The site is meant to open up trade and barter for everything and anything. People have the choice as to whether or not to use the caps in their transactions. Community offers are designed more openly and can be proposed to the community by individuals. The community decides on the value of community offers through a direct democratic process. You can lend things for caps. The community functions based on distance, so it pushes for hyper-localization. It also uses GPS mapping for search results to allow you to really get to know what your neighbors can offer.

Will you be able to trade with Bitcoin, Dogecoin or other alt-currencies?

Of course! You can trade in stamps or bottle caps if someone is willing to accept them! JoatU is a free market exchange.

How do we keep our members safe?

Just like with, the references are an integral part of the trust we hope to create within our community. JoatU will have moderators (paid for their contributions in caps) who will respond to reports of abuse.

How do references work?

Positive references will accumulate as experience points (XP) for users, allowing them to gain higher levels to demonstrating their dedication to the JoatUniverse.

Will the site remain free?

Yes. JoatU relies heavily on the community, and will not charge fees for basic membership.  We may integrate premium memberships that will have a cost associated with them.

Direct Democracy In representative democracy we elect people to make decisions on our behalf. In direct democracy, we take those decisions upon ourselves. I.E. The community decides what is best for their sustainability and growth.


Joatu Walkthrou



Here some initiatives of Joatu:


Espace 100 noms

espace100nomsQu’est-ce que l’Espace 100 Noms Sutton ?
Un lieu ouvert et familial (sans fumée, alcool ou drogue) où est disponible une table, des chaises et une cuisine pour se faire à boire et même un petit lunch pour échanger et partager dans un lieu, autre que chez soi. Une place de rencontre et de socialisation. Il est situé au 4 Rue Pine à Sutton et sera actif vers la fin Mai 2015. Un espace pour participer à des activités toujours selon votre budget du moment présent. Il n’y a jamais de prix fixe ou de coût d’entrée à L’Espace 100 Noms, jamais personne pour vous demander : «Que puis-je faire pour vous?». Si la porte est ouverte, vous entrez. S’il y’a une activité proposé, vous entrez. Vous déposez toujours ce que vous ressentez. Pour que l’argent ne soit plus la raison qui garde le «JE» seul alors qu’il a envie ou besoin de s’épanouir avec le «NOUS». Soit en participant à une activité, soit à organiser une activité ou simplement pour échanger et partager.

Quelles sont les usages et activités à l’Espace 100 Noms ?
Socialisation – Cuisine et café – Soirée projection – Jeux de société – Magasin 100 Prix – Bibliothèque d’outils – Conférences – Ateliers – Espace 100 Thérapies – Services divers – Gardiennage – Rencontres
Comment participer à l’Espace 100 Noms Sutton
Le sentiment de légèreté et de liberté étant ce qui nourrit le «Nous», le mode de participation à l’Espace 100 Noms est toujours selon l’Auto-évaluation de chaque «JE» dans sa situation personnelle du moment présent. Ainsi chaque personne se voit la possibilité d’expérimenter la différence entre un monde de paiement-dette et un monde de don-passion pur. Chaque personne qui entre à l’Espace 100 Noms a la possibilité sans obligation, d’offrir sa juste participation pour le maintien du lieu. Chaque activité à la responsabilité de rester dans cette intention et dans cette liberté sans aucunes contraintes financières. Il est cependant demandé au participant une contribution juste selon sa situation personnelle du moment présent.

Des supporteurs 20Coeurs pour assurer le versement du loyer d’Espace 100 Noms Sutton.
Si vous êtes animés par la passion d’organisé une activité quelconque, l’Espace 100 noms rend disponible 20 plages d’une journée complète destinée à 20 personnes qui ont la passion ou l’inspiration de créer une activité quelconque comblant un besoin ou un intérêt dans notre communauté. Beaucoup de personnes ont effectivement des initiatives qu’ils n’explorent pas soit par manque d’argent, soit par manque de disponibilité d’un lieu ou par la lourdeur que représente de gérer un local. L’engagement de 40$ par mois offres de nombreux avantages et peut s’autogérer selon les participations volontaires offertes par les personnes se présentant à l’activité organisée. Il reste encore des plages disponibles. Tous les supporteurs de l’Espace 100 Noms Sutton sont engagés à la tâche de continuellement vérifier si les intentions demeurent en constantes intérêt du «Nous». Pour comprendre l’approche rendez-vous à la prochaine rencontre «Local Disponible».

Facebook page here

 »L’Espace 100 noms Sutton » à été créé à l’issue d’une trentaine de rencontres  »think thank » dans le but d’améliorer la sort de l’humain via la coopération, le partage des ressources et le rapprochement entre les personnes, à un niveau qui dépasse nos attentes.

Nous avons été inspirés par l’Espace 100 noms de Lennoxville, créé par un groupe de jeunes allumés, motivés par les mêmes forces que les nôtres. On travaille en solidarité dans ce mouvement humanitaire vers l’abondance pour tous et le changement de paradigme en faveur de l’amour et de l’unité.

Notre espace est public et accessible à toute personne qui désire partager talents, passions et connaissances avec sa communauté. On se définit par l’ouverture et le désir d’enlever tout obstacle qui empêcherait de s’épanouir et de combler ses besoins essentiels.

Toutes les activités et services à l’Espace 100 noms sont offerts en contribution budgétaire, c’est à dire un montant qui vous semble juste par rapport à votre situation financière. À l’entrée de l’Espace, un tableau affiche clairement les dépenses et la balance de notre compte.

Voici un aperçu de quelques services et activités de l’Espace 100 noms de Sutton :
. Salle de massage, thérapie, consultation, médiation, relaxation, etc.
. Service de coiffure pour toute la famille
. Projection de films pour enfant et adulte axés sur la conscience
. Cercle de parole basé sur l’écoute et l’ouverture
. Bibliothèque d’outils (emprunt)
. Méditation, yoga
. Give box / Boîte de dons
. Cuisine complète
. Rassemblement et socialisation
. Jeux de société pour tout âge
. Rencontres en tous genres
. Conférences sur des sujets rassembleurs
. Musique libre ou organisée
. Danse
. Gardiennage
. École à la maison
. Magasin 100 (sans) prix
. Ateliers de toutes sortes
. Grand Babillard communautaire
. Annonce et diffusion d’informations communautaires
. Site web avec Calendrier d’activités ( )
. Et plus encore…

Aussi quelques projets attendent de trouver porteurs:
. Transport partagé (Arrêt TPS), formule de covoiturage unique, efficace et simple à utiliser
. Distribution de pain sans gluten délicieux et à un prix abordable
. ACCES Sutton (Actions Coopératives et Conscientes d’Entraide Sociale)